Discovering Biomagnetism:
An Online Training Webinar

Welcome to our training on Biomagnetism! This course is taken online and explains the basics of biomagnetism, its applications, and potential benefits. If you’re a healthcare professional or are curious about alternative therapies, this course will give you much-needed insight and knowledge.

Webinar Details

1. Introduction to Biomagnetism
  • Introduction to Biomagnetism
  • Understanding the basic principles
  • The history of biomagnetic therapy
2. Fundamentals of Biomagnetic Therapy
  • Exploring the bioenergetic field
  • How it interacts with your electromagnetic systems
3.Biomagnetic Pair Therapy
  • Garcia’s discovery is explained briefly
  • Identifying pairs and their effects on the body
4. Applications of Biomagnetism
  • Addressing health conditions with biomagnetic therapy.
  • Case studies and success stories
5. Practical Techniques and Protocols
  • Hands-on demonstrations of techniques
  • Optimization tips for results application
6. Integrating Biomagnetism into Practice
  • Incorporating biomagnetic therapy in wellness practices (chiropractic, acupuncture, etc.)
  • Ethical considerations

Who Should Attend:

  • Healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, therapists)
  • Holistic practitioners (acupuncturists, chiropractors, energy healers)
  • Anyone interested in alternative therapies

Join us as we expertise in biomagnetism. We can’t wait to learn alongside you!

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