Price Range of Biomagnetism Courses: What You Need to Know

About Biomagnetism therapy

Biomagnetic therapy, also called biomagnetic pair therapy, is a safe and natural therapy that involves placing a pair of magnets on the patient’s body in a specific pattern in a particular location. The goal of this therapy is to equalize the patient’s pH level and help to restore and maintain the state of well-being. 

Main Benefits of Biomagnetic Therapy

Utilizing biomagnetic therapy proposed several benefits, including : 

  • It balances the body’s pH.
  • Help to separate the blood cells.
  • Help to eliminate bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites.
  • Detox the body by reopening the cells
  • Done with allopathic and naturopathic treatments

What are the Biomagnetism Courses?

The Biomagnetism Course is a training provided to people who wish to learn the fundamentals of biomagnetic therapy. It includes the implementation technique and positioning of the magnets with the proper patterns needed while treating patients. 

The advantage of this training is that it is a painless, non-invasive, safe, free, and externally used technique without any side effects. 

What You’ll Learn After This Course

You will get all the theoretical information during the sessions, which you can use to do the practical aspect of your Biomagnetic practice.

  • This course can prepare the students to attend to the patients in minimum time.
  • It makes the diagnostic and therapeutic protocol easy to understand.
  • You will learn how to use the magnet therapy for your health.
  • It provides the knowledge required to become a successful magnet therapy practitioner.

Requirements For the Biomagnetism Therapy Course

The biomagnetism Therapy course is available for learners of all academic backgrounds.

Although a little bit of knowledge of anatomy and physiology is recommended, this can never be a prerequisite for this course because anyone can study these subjects in their own space. These courses are easy to understand. Those who wish to learn this therapy need to follow this with an open mind and a strong desire to learn it.

Who This Course Is For 

Anyone with a strong desire to help recover others and wishes to maintain their health, such as Caregivers, Parents, Chiropractors, Energy Healers, Massage Therapists, and other healing professionals, can learn Biomagnetism therapy. 

  • Health professionals who are already in practice using Bioenergetic therapy can learn this course to help sick people. They may help those suffering from any injury return to their natural state of health.
  • Caregivers or parents who wish to heal themselves, their family members, and loved ones using a safe, drug-free, holistic therapy.
  • Anyone who wishes to open their professional practice using Bioenergetic therapy to help the sick and suffering return to their natural state of health.

Cost of  Biomagnetism Courses Depends On: 

Course content

Biomagnetic professionals decide the course fee based on the amount of work involved in making the course content. The time needed to plan and design the content, implementation of the planning, and resources required for it are all things to be considered while deciding the cost of such a course.

However, course content is current, updated, well- organized and should have appropriate visual elements and graphics needed during course content development, supporting the cost of significant difference to the course budget.

Type of course and duration

Biomagnetic therapy courses may be categorized into different levels based on the number of interactives. Depending on the type of course, it can be categorized into primary, moderate, and advanced, or some professionals can make it levels, such as level 1, level 2, and level 3. The more interaction of elements, the more the cost of development in this kind of course.

Another essential factor that needs to be considered is the course duration of Biomagnetic therapy. If the trainer or professionals Are designing the course for 5 to 7 days, its cost differs from the course designed for up to weeks. The course duration also depends on the content of the course. If the content in the introductory course is less, it requires less time compared to the advanced quotes, which include more topics or content. All these things are considered while deciding the cost, of course.

The Resources and Rates

Whether you are going to do the in-house course or you are going to outsource resources to complete that course needs to be considered while deciding the cost of your Biomagnetic therapy course. 

If you plan to develop the in-house course, add the cost of licenses for Biomagnetic therapy practice. Paid designing and implementing of the course content will be faster with the robot resources and expertise. However,  if your in-house team needs to gain the required experience, in that case, you need to outsource the trainer or resources from a reliable vendor. Outsourcing will save the cost of purchasing licenses or the subscription of tools or software required, if any. 


Once you confirm your reservation With a particular Biomagnetic therapy institute,  they might email you the registration and their bank details to complete the payment before the course. Each institute has some rules that need to be followed during this process. These rules might differ from the institute might include the following: 

  • The total payment for the course must be made one week before the start of the course.
  •  Once you have done with the reservation process,  you must complete your students’ registration process, which can be completed using the personal link you received in the order confirmation email
  •  you need to look after the link you received to cancel the reservation will be 30 working days before the start of your course. Make after this date. They will not be able to return the payment of the reservation.
  •  Maximum one reservation for a person.
  • After the confirmation of reservation, you will receive an email with the bank details through which you need to complete the payment process before the course.
  • You may get a discount by paying early (before 15 or 30 days). This discount majorly depends on the institute you are going to register at.

Course fee 

USD 1500.00 to USD 1800.00.  

Again this course fee depends on the course content,  institutes, or University you are registering at and the course duration.

Course fee includes:

E-Textbook: If you purchase the textbook, you must pay an extra USD 150.00. Some Institutes ensure that There is no need to buy anything once you have purchased the textbook from their institute or professionals.

Certification: Certification of the Biomagnetism therapy course is provided after completing the course. This certificate is provided by the sign of your trainer or the head of the institute. 

Brand magnets: A pair or two of their brand magnets are provided by some institute along with your course material. 

Accommodation: Some institutes make arrangements for accommodation. They directly connected with the hotel and added the rate mentioning the course.

Special offers and product promotions

  • These Biomagnetism  therapy courses can provide special offers like instant discounts, no cost EMI with some terms and conditions  such as : 
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