The Ultimate Guide To Biomagnetism Training Levels

What Is Biomagnetism 

Biomagnetism is a therapy that addresses the root cause of various diseases and their co-infections. It heals the body using the pair of north and south pole magnets placed upon specific areas of the patient’s body identified through muscle testing. These magnets produce weak magnetic fields that can determine the pH imbalance of a patient and bring it to a neutral state. 

Benefits of Biomagnetic Therapy

Biomagnetic therapy uses magnet and magnetic therapy to treat problems like headaches and arthritis. Many other magnetic therapy devices are used for the healing of pain and inflammatory conditions that are beneficial to : 

  • Rebalance the hormone
  • Mental health support
  • Iron deficiency prevention
  • Strengthens immune system

It may take a few days or sometimes a few weeks to get the detailed results of the Biomagnetism.

Change Your Life With Biomagnetism Training: 

Professionals, colleges, or universities deliver excellent, practical, structured biomagnetic training programs. It shows their confidence in their abilities applied as Biomagnetic Therapists. These professionals have vast experience in Biomagnetism and Beyond Training seminars. In the training program, they provide

  • The scientific theory behind Biomagnetism, 
  • Benefits of using hundreds of magnet pairs, 
  • How to address the complicated illness,
  • Provide hands-on practice with the patients

Who Is This Training For? 

Anyone who wishes to help themselves and others in recovering and maintaining health can take this Biomagnetism training. It may include parents, energy healers, Chiropractors,  massage therapists, and many more. 

  • Caregivers or parents can heal themselves, their families, and loved ones using these safe, drug-free, Holistic therapy.
  • Anyone who wishes to open a professional practice using bioenergetic therapy and wants to help sick and suffering individuals can receive this training.
  • Health professionals already practicing in the mainstream medical or holistic healing field, wishing to upgrade their knowledge and skill to improve their results, can go through the training practice.

The Biomagnetism Training Course Levels

Usually, professionals or colleges and universities offer Biomagnetic Therapy courses in the following area:

  1. Biomagnetism Level 1 
  2. Biomagnetism Level 2 / Bioenergetics

Biomagnetism Level 1 

This level helps you study the therapeutic system and supports the practice of Biomagnetism and Pair Therapy.

Time required to complete Biomagnetism Level 1 

Biomagnetism proficiency training level 1 Is the adjustment process that can last 7 to 8 days. This process can differ depending on the trainer, the allocated hours for training, and how the trainer conducts the training. Most people feel energized through this healing response that is getting to the Biomagnetism training. 

Topics Covered in Biomagnetism Level 1 

  1. Introduction:  introduction includes evolution and physics of matter,  some basic elementary concepts, and fundamentals of physical forces. It also includes the state of matter, general concepts,  organic and inorganic matter,  biomagnetic poles, and pairs.
  1. Concept of medical Biomagnetism: This lesson includes north and south biomagnetic poles. Other concepts related to this topic, Like characteristics of Biomagnetism, biomagnetic diagnosis,  biometric therapy duration, and visual bacterial and parasite infection, are also part of it.
  1. Base of biomagnetic pair: Magnetization of water,  magnetotherapy concept,  basics of pH and organic pH regulation,  resonance, symbiosis, and Entropy concept And international concept included in the basics of biomagnetic pair lesson.
  1. The etiology of disease: History of infectious etiology and microbiology concepts such as viruses, bacteria,  fungi, and parasites are included.
  1. Theory and clinic of biomagnetic pair :  Magnetotherapy concepts and golden rules of medical Biomagnetism are included in this topic.
  1. Types of  biomagnetic pairs : Regular special Complex and Temporary pairs are included in the type of biomagnetic pair.

Biomagnetism Level 2 / Bioenergetics

In level 2, you can study Bioenergetics, scanning sequences, and principles.

Time required to complete Biomagnetism level 2

Biomagnetism proficiency training level 2 can last 7 to 8 days. Most people feel energized through this healing response that is getting to the Biomagnetism training. This training can differ depending on the trainer, the allocated hours, and how the trainer conducts the training. 

Topics Covered in Biomagnetism Level 2

  1. Infectious  pathophysiology  in medical Biomagnetism :
  •  In level 2 first topic includes the  Exudates, Infiltrator,  septic Infiltrator, Dysplasia,  abscess,  Malignancy, and Metastasis concepts
  • Regionality factor,  cancer, only growth factor, Metastasis factor, slow growth factor,  membrane injury factor, and Malignancy factor are also part of this topic. 
  • concept of disaster areas,  manifestation, theorizing about tumor genesis
  1. Exploration methodology
  • Emotional problems, Hormonal problems,  Psychological problems,  Toxic and Deficiency problems,  Spiritual problems,  Pre-tumor and tumor phenomena,  Biomagnetic pairs,  Vascular problems,  Malignancy problems, Embryology 
  • Energetic and Tele-energetic
  1. Methodology and practice of medical energy
  2. Methods and  Biomagnetism  practice of tele-energy treatment
  3. Dealing with serious illness 

When To Start Practicing After Biomagnetism Training

It is essential to understand the basics of Biomagnetism and therapeutic Protocol tapes very clearly if you want to start immediate practicing once finished with the biomagnetism training. After the sessions,  you need to develop your practical skills to start practicing.

Suppose you feel confident to start your biomagnetism practice. In that case, you can begin too, but always stay in touch with your trainer via Email after the course to answer any questions that may arise during your daily practice.

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